The main objectives for establishing a modern Police Control Room are as follows:

  • Comprehensive and round the clock security cover to the city thereby providing area security.
  • Immediate and timely police response to any situation especially crime situation. Main endeavour is to ensure police response to any situation within 4-5 minutes.
  • Checking and patrolling duties to be manned by PCR, so as to be more effective through higher mobility, better communication and comprehensive training.
  • High visibility of the police force /patrol vehicles and easy accessibility to the public there by acting as an effective deterrent to activities of criminals.
  • Maintaining an efficient system of radio, telephonic and tele-printing communications between PCR and different units of Police Commissionerate, Jalandhar, neighbouring cities, police headquarters and all the districts in Punjab.
  • Keeping all concerned officers informed of all important incidents which may have bearing on the law and order and crime situation in the Police Commissionerate, Jalandhar.
  • Rendering help to injured persons /victims of crime by removing them to the nearest hospitals immediately.
  • Rendering public service of general nature by guiding and helping children, senior citizens and ladies in distress etc.
  • Ensure implementation of plans for City Sealing, Red Alert, Contingency in the event of serious crime, man-made and natural disasters.
  • Acting as information centre of Jalandhar Police Commissionerate.
  • Act as nodal centre for clarifying any doubt and issues relating to rumours etc.
  • Management and control of crime through efficient delivery and retrieval system in the Control Room.
  • To act as vanguard against violation of human rights of individuals-display of information relating to arrested persons. Movement of police vehicles can be retrieved for verification of false implication in any case.
  • To provide details about crime, crime situation, traffic blockades etc to common people.
  • To submit statutory returns about crime to PPCR for perusal of DGP Punjab and senior functionaries of the Govt.
  • To ensure accountable system of police working. This will further be possible with facilities of storage and retrieval of data related to various calls made to Control Room.