Introduction to Jalandhar Police Commissionerate

Jalandhar city is located in Doaba region of Punjab between Beas and Sutlej rivers. It is situated at 710 31′ East and 300 33′ North at a distance of 146 kms from state capital Chandigarh. Jalandhar Police Commissionerate is surrounded by Jalandhar Rural district and adjoined by Ludhiana district in East, Kapurthala in West, Hoshiarpur in North and Ferozepur in South. The city is well connected by road and rail. Two major national highways (NH-1: Delhi-Amritsar highway and NH-1A: Jalandhar to Leh) pass through it. Nearest Airport is Guru Ram Dass Air Port, Amritsar at a distance of 90 kms. Traditionally Jalandhar is known for its sports goods, agricultural products, hand tools and media houses (Print & Electronic).

Commissionerate system was introduced in Jalandhar city on 15th Feb 2010 vide Punjab Government Notification No. S013/PA.10/2008/S.8/2010 dated 02.02.2010.

Administratively Jalandhar Police Commissionerate is divided into 14 regular police stations and 2 special police stations viz. women police station and NRI police station, five Sub-divisions and two zones (City-1 and City-2). Besides these police stations crime wing, special branch, traffic police and PCR mobile vehicle units form an integral part of Jalandhar Police Commissionerate. The administrative and supervisory setup of the Commissionerate is as follows:


Police Stations Subdivision Zone
Div.No.1, 3 & 8 Jalandhar North City-1
Div.No.2, 4, Navi Baradari & Ramamandi Jalandhar Central
Div.No.5, Bhargo Camp & Basti Bawa Khel Jalandhar West City-2
Div.No.6 & Div.No.7 Model Town
Jalandhar Cantt. & Sadar Cantt.
Women & NRI (Special Police Stations)

The police stations are headed by an Inspector/SI rank officer designated as Station House Officer. The first level supervisory officers in the rank of DSP are designated as Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP). The second level supervisory officers in the rank of Superintendent of Police (SP) are designated as ADCP( Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police). The district level supervisory officer in the rank of SSP who is second in command in the Commissionerate is designated as Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP). The officer in command of the Commissionerate is in the rank of DIG/IG of police designated as Commissioner of Police. The Director General of Police, Punjab exercises direct supervision of the City Commissionerate.

Besides the police stations, there are 6 specialized units in the Commissionerate

  • Corps of Detectives
    • Special Investigation Unit(SIU)-I: Crime Investigating Agency (CIA).
    • Special Investigation Unit(SIU)-II: Economic Offence Wing (EOW).
    • Special Investigation Unit(SIU)-III: Anti-Narcotics Cell.
    • Special Investigation Unit(SIU)-IV: Anti-Gangster Squad.
    • Special Investigation Unit(SIU)-V: P.O. Staff.
    • Special Investigation Unit(SIU)-VI: Technical Cell.
  • Forensic Unit.
  • Special Branch for intelligence gathering.
  • Jalandhar traffic police.
  • Police Control Room Mobile Vehicle Unit – for patrolling and security.
  • Community Policing Division: CPRC, Arms Licensing branch.

The Core strength of the Commissionerate lies in its human resources i.e. 3,250 personnel comprising 31 gazetted officers, 232 non-gazetted officers & 3008 other ranks including HC, Ct, SPO, PHG & class-4 employees. The Commissionerate Police takes pride in having 14 President’s police medals for gallantry (14 serving and 2 posthumous), 2 Prime Minister’s police medals for life saving and 14 President’s police medals for meritorious services having been awarded to its officers. The Commissionerate leadership caters for the training, administrative and welfare aspects of police personnel and their families. Besides the human resources, the Commissionerate has adequate material and financial resources provided by the government to effectively perform its duties and maintain a a high level of professionalism. The Commissionerate of Police is duty bound to serve the citizens round the clock with full devotion and dedication.