Women Police Station

Women Police Station


In consequence of issuance of notification by the Government of Punjab vide No.S0-258/CA/1974, dated 22.07.2010, women police station has started functioning in the Commissionerate of Police, Jalandhar from 01.10.2010 onwards. It is suitably located near the district police lines, Jalandhar which is at the center of the city and close to railway station and bus stand.

This police station is a special police station that exclusively deals with the offences committed against females and other problems related to them. It deals with complaints related to demand for dowry, matrimonial disputes, investigation of crimes against women and sensitization of police personnel as well as general public about women and gender issues. FIRs related to crime against women are registered and investigated as per procedure laid down by law. It is headed by a lady inspector who functions as station house officer and is assisted by lady and gent investigating officers. ACP west branch and ADCP headquarter and security supervise the functioning of this police station.

Over a period of time the women counselling technique involving serving police officers and civilian members in form of panel has emerged as an effective conflict resolution mechanism for establishing the veracity of facts stated in matrimonial dispute complaints and finding an effective solution to safe guard the rights of women and their children through active involvement of community members. At present 3 such panels are functioning in the women police station and doing a very good job. Regular training is imparted to panel members so as to sharpen their skills.

Since its inception the Women Police Station has dealt with 3226 complaints related to matrimonial disputes. Out of these complaints, reconciliation was reached between the spouses in as many as 3121 cases due to effective counselling. 211 criminal cases have also been registered in the Police Station so far.

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