Achievements of the Commissionerate of Police Jalandhar

The Police Commissionerate system was introduced in Jalandhar in February 2010. After introduction of the Commissionerate of Police system in the city, a large number of mechanisms aimed at providing a people-friendly policing were introduced. Consequently, the general policing is set to witness a transformation, which has started showing results in phases and also promises that system enhancements shall pay high dividends in the long run, if the performance of the last three quarters of the year give any indication. The crime rate has come down and there has been a visible improvement in the co-ordination between the police and members of the general public. The police under this new system has been empowered to act judicially under certain acts of law thus ruling out any delay in execution of matters of great importance of day to day policing.
  1. First and foremost achievement of the system has been establishing of an exclusive Licensing Branch which caters to grant of various kinds of licences including firearms et al. The working of this branch has been graded with the award of ISO-9001-2008 certification. Beside this branch all police stations and Traffic Offences Compounding Branch of the Commissionerate of Police have also been awarded ISO-9001-2008 certification.
  2. A large number of gangs indulging in organized crimes like betting on cricket match,murders, snatching, contract killing, frauds and fabrication of fake documents were busted. There are 4 criminal gangs busted in the year 2017 in which 14 persons arrested and 16 cases traced corresponding to previous year 5 gangs busted in which 15 persons arrested and 26 cases traced. There was a clear decrease in the number of incidents of fights and snatching etc. as compared to the corresponding period of the previous year. In the year 2017 only 244 cases of snatching were registered whereas during the corresponding period of 2016,144 cases had been registered. Special campaigns were launched to curb smuggling and sale of narcotics and bootlegging. As
    many as 360 cases under the NDPS Act were registered during this year whereas only 225 cases had been registered under the act during the corresponding period of the previous year. Under the Excise Act 205 more
    cases than the corresponding period were registered. 20.755 kgs of opium, 10.056 kg. of charas and large quantity of intoxicants were recovered.
  3. Strict action was taken against the travel agents and as many as 115 cases were registered in this regard as compared to only 64 cases registe red during the previous year.
  4. There has been an appreciable improvement in the rate of conviction of criminals due to stress given on proper pairvi and appointing pairvi officers for important cases. The following table shows the conviction rate of IPS cases and local & special laws:
Year Conviction in cases
registered under
the I.P.C. (in %)
Conviction in cases
registered under
Local & Special Laws (in %)
Total (in %)
2009 31.02 81.50 53.06
2010 40.97 81.73 56.94
2011 37.75 86.21 57.86
2012 39.97 88.19 64.65
2013 41.87 91.85 68.85
2014 40.48 81.22 59.45
2015 35.64 71.82 46.70
2016 38.72 75.68 54.68
2017 29.31 73.89 44.79
  1. Submission of an affidavit for different types of services like recording of DDR entry related to loss of goods/articles, minor damages etc. has completely been done with. In unsolved cases of vehicle thefts untraced reports are provided within 30 days.
  2. In order to provide instant and online access to the general public to the traffic wing of the Commissionerate of Police Jalandhar a new website “” was launched. This website was launched by the then W/D y.C.M. Punjab. In order to address the snarling problems of traffic regulation in the city services of the cadets of NCC, NSS and others NGOs and 8 traffic marshals were utilized to educate the road users by way of traffic camps and campaigns. Resultantly, only 70 criminal
    cases of accident were registered during the period whereas as many as 57 cases had b
    een registered during the corresponding period of the previous year.
  3. A modern Police Control Room got inaugurated by the worthy Director General of Police, Punjab on 06.01.2011. The Control Room has the facilities of e-maps, GPS monitoring system of police vehicle etc. This has reduced the police reaction time to 5-6 minutes for reaching the place of reported accident.
  4. A pilot project for introduction of ‘e-beat’ & ‘e-investigation’ was inaugurated by the worthy Director General of Police, Punjab in four Police Stations of the Commissionerate i.e. Police Stations Cantt., Navi Baradari, Division No. 2 & Division No. 4.

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