CP Message

 The Jalandhar Police Commissionerate has completed more than eight years. The main focus of commissionerate police has been on prevention and detection of crime; maintenance of law & order; better road safety for users through enforcement, regulation and education;

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 Women Police Station


In consequence of issuance of notification by the Government of Punjab vide No.S0-258/CA/1974, dated 22.07.2010, women police station has started functioning in the Commissionerate of Police, Jalandhar from 01.10.2010 onwards….

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Traffic Police Jalandhar


The Police Traffic Department is not only concerned with catching speeding motorists but also play an important role in every aspect of road traffic safety. Traffic Officers deal with a

variety of incidents such as vehicle crashes, pedestrians injured by vehicles, checking the safety standards of cars and lorries on the road, escorting abnormal loads, pursuing suspect motor vehicles and road safety education.

The Jalandhar traffic police have 146 personnel along with PCR teams to implement the traffic laws. The Jalandhar traffic police are now believed to be an effective, vigil and active unit of Jalandhar Commissionrate. It is supervised by the rank of ADCP and ACP AT 2nd AND 1st LEVEL respectively with the strength of 146 policemen including PHGs, Ors and NGOs.Working of Jalandhar Traffic police is divided into two Zones. Zone I: Part of Jalandhar City, which falls on the right-hand side of old G. T. Road passing through the city.Zone 2: Part of Jalandhar City, which falls on the left-hand side of old G. T. Road, passing through the city.Zonal Duty: Both the zones are headed by the police officers of the rank of Inspector…

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